Winter Contest Winner: Kelly Letky

Kelly Letky/ Mrs. Mediocrity

Kelly Letky/ Mrs. Mediocrity


I’m pleased to announce the winner of our winter writing contest, Kelly Letky. Many of you might know her as Mrs. Mediocrity, an alias she uses as her blog name, too. Here is her winning poem, Armored Car.

armored car


i turned the corner and you were there

sitting in a dirty taxi beneath a long red      light





once, that would have been enough


i might have smiled at you


or at least

rolled you around on my tongue

in a silent word or two


but  now


i look away


hunch my shoulders one notch further down

into invisible


hold my breath


hoping i don’t hear

a car door slam

or      footsteps

or      cold night      breath


and when i reach the next corner

the dark one

filled with tears


i run



That’s such a beautiful poem. How did the prompt inspire you?

As soon as I read Luke’s sonnet (which I loved), I knew that I wanted to respond in the voice of one of the women his narrator watches pass by… in a way that would give a glimpse into how it feels to be that woman, just as his poem gives a glimpse into what it’s like to be the man watching, desiring. And then I just let the poem take me where it wanted.

Tell us a little about yourself, Kelly.

I make my living as a freelance graphic artist, filling in my spare time with poetry, writing, photography, gardening, running and knitting. My husband and I have three grown children between us, and several cats and a dog still in the nest.

What is your favorite kind of poem to write?

Freestyle, with my absolute favorites being the ones that write themselves.

Find out more about Kelly at her blogs Mrs. Mediocrity (poetry) and Blue Muse (photography and jewelry design); and here on Facebook.


5 thoughts on “Winter Contest Winner: Kelly Letky

  1. this poem draws me into that dark night, I can picture her running so clearly. Great point of view. “rolled you around on my tongue in a silent word or two” – love those lines!

  2. dang…what an atmosphere you created in this one kelly…hyper sensitizing something i think on some level we all have felt in seeing someone again…well done…and congrats!

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