Real Life Stories: Interview with a peace keeper

This interview, I decided, should be relatively easy. That was stating the obvious fact. The truth is where I would find such a person –someone who “fought” (ironic) for peace? I needed to find somebody who could be the embodiment of peace.

I realized that everyone sought peace, but few ever find it. I live in a country where rumors, onslaughts and adversities are part of a daily ritual. You don’t adjust to it, it adjusts you. So, lo and behold, I decided to interview the fictitious “peace keeper”.

Upon the question of how you find, establish and promote peace in this day and age where everyone is seemingly against each other, his response was that he looks at people and realize deep down inside everyone is part of an ever flowing river, which has one goal – to reach the ocean. Some start of clear like a fountain, a spring, a babbling brook and soon the waters grow stronger, reaching new “horizons” and crossing the threshold of life. It’s here that you find, obstacles such as strife, diversity, adversity and injustice become part of your stream.

The difference between those who find peace and those who don’t is the manner they “handle” these obstacles. You could opt to flow around it, ignoring the problem. Go over it, leaving the problem still intact or try to destroy the obstacle – leaving the water murky. Or by simply adjusting your path – realizing that perhaps that “stone” has a purpose for being there as well.

I think the main ingredient to peace is ultimately “acceptance”. You have to accept yourself, you have to accept that people are different, they behave differently in situations. Just like a river would.

But will there ever be peace? Peace is something that is constantly sought – but rarely found. I believe that peace comes from within. Yet, there is more peace in a raging river, than in one human being.

And the answer upon the age old question whether peace was indeed possible; was simply. Yes. Is it probable? That is question that will never be answered unless we can get all the colors of the rainbow to shine together after the wind has died down and the storm subsided.

Could it happen? I have a firm belief it will. Peace starts from within – accepting yourself for who you are.

Are you a soft spoken spring where people quench their thirst from your wisdom, finding their sanctuary close to you?

Are you a babbling brook, spreading laughter and peace, touching the roots of those around you?

Are you a raging river crashing forth in the course and race towards the sea?

Or are you the like ocean – vast with enough love to encompass life as it is.

In realizing that the peace keeper is inside us all, I ended the interview with renewed hope that perhaps someday we all will find peace –even if only for a little while, a teeny bit… starting with a tiny fountain of hope that sprung from within.

Peace & Love

One thought on “Real Life Stories: Interview with a peace keeper

  1. beautifully expressed here, William. “Peace starts from within – accepting yourself for who you are.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement of yours. I find that I am relieved of my suffering (i.e., find peace) only when I am in a mental state of true acceptance of myself (as well as everyone and everything outside of myself, too.)

    Acceptance doesn’t mean I have to like it or agree with or condoned it. It simply means that it is what it is at this moment. No judgement of good or bad. Just acknowledgement of what is.

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