Opinion: World peace – more than just a concept

by Liliana Negoi~

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for chastity.”

These words are not my own, but belong to one of the greatest authors of humanity, Steven King, and despite the fact that prudes out there may say that the use of the “F” word should be avoided, the message stands tall, nevertheless, and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

If you check the very definitions of the word “peace”, given by the Merriam-Webster dictionary here, you will find that none of them associates peace to fighting, but only to freedom, tranquility, harmony, agreement. Yet one of the biggest paradoxes on Earth is this continuous “fight for peace”. So I will ask you to do a very simple exercise: close your eyes for one minute and think about “why” does peace need to be conquered, as if some stronghold?! From my point of view, it is not and should never be treated as something to be earned. It should come natural.

Sure, a lot of people may say that it’s easy to think about peace when your stomach is full, when your body suffers no illness, when you do not fear about the uncertainty of tomorrow. They may ask me, for instance, how can a mother think about peace if her child is dying with hunger, while her neighbor literally hoards fortunes? That is not fair, and I agree. On the other hand, I have met people who were poor, and sick, and cornered by all sort of problems, but were able to feel peaceful. Why? Because peace shouldn’t be fought for, but lived, first of all.

Just like a journey begins with the first step, world peace begins with inner peace, and that includes putting into practice the “accessories” of respect, acceptance, tolerance, altruism, open-mindedness, and so on. If all the people in the world (and I mean ALL) would do that, then that so wished for, fought for, apparently unattainable and utopian world peace would become something concrete. If ALL the people in the world would do that, then there would be no more children dying with hunger, or homeless people, or similar problems. We would return to the natural state of things, which is peace, balance.

Of course, many of you, dear readers, will reply “why should I think of peace if others don’t?!” To those of you, allow me to reply with another quote that is very dear to me, belonging to Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

3 thoughts on “Opinion: World peace – more than just a concept

  1. well, said. Peace from within is the only answer, for it is the only thing we can control. The ultimate fallacy is people believing they can control that which is outside of themselves. What a waste of precious time!!!

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