Main Feature: Peace

12619509_sby Ashwin Vasuki

Peace is achievable, not by any physical means but through a universal election of a greater thought. That thought that rides over the Self, read Ego. This thought may even be spiritualistic; a sort of Enlightenment; but it takes the principles of nurturing to grow a thought. Peace.  A word with calming connotations, yet extremely illusive since Man discovered his opposable thumb.

The world has entered the Information Age, business is indeed faster than the speed of thought. So we hear of an event almost instantaneously as it occurs. We also hear the background, the motive and the pundit’s reaction on the future course of action. In the world that we live in, with its many diverse social meshes, the underlying common factor is the domestic situation.

A dwelling that passes on the wisdom gathered through the ages from generation to generation paves the way for progress in human life. The roadmap is clearly laid out, with solutions for the many bridges that one encounters in life.

However, if the dwelling is wanting in terms of nurture, what one would expect is an individual that has not had the opportunity to absorb millennia-old ‘common sense’. This is the sort of environment for the Ego to feed on, basically on itself so that when it is full of it, it explodes. Does it have an effect on the national psyche? It does. Imagine a maladjusted household repeated over the national ‘thought’ grid. The result is a social breakdown, a descent into chaos and the start of anarchy. Repeat this globally, and it heralds the end of civilization, more chillingly, the end of humanity.


Ashwin Vasuki is an architect by day and an aspiring historical fiction writer by night, Ashwin aims to be the quintessential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the literally built environment.

Light concrete humour apart, Ashwin fundamentally identifies himself as an ardent student of history. He believes History is the Foundation for the infinite heights that the Future will bring. Ashwin was born in the fertile land of India, raised in the sun-kissed land of Oman, educated in the New World and owes an allegiance of sorts to Blighty.
He is an observer of human behaviour and a believer that the Child is the father of Man.
Ashwin keenly witnesses present events around his planet and tries to draw parallels to happenings past in an effort to chart a course for the future: for himself, that is; and for others that may care.
To this end, he recognizes the burden that time brings. History. And the righteousness with which Man and Woman must retell to the coming generations. This is where he gets off.

4 thoughts on “Main Feature: Peace

  1. Makes me think I would love to see a dance/choreography of layers of social history, emotion and symbolic markers… and child running back and forth through the events and multitudes …bringing forth the lessons of the heart for positive change .. forward to the hands of children reaching into the future … where they creatively ( a problem solver putting the pieces of puzzle together … “dear friend run back and get me the piece missing! and quick!” ) with all hands give the future a generous dose to propel it on it’s way :)

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