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  • Rain Shadow

    We decided to take the early morning bus.
    It was the perfect time;
    rising sun and birds
    kept us company outside.
    And inside, a few stray passengers,

    like the both of us who
    still carried sleep. With
    a bag slung over our shoulders,
    and many miles to go,

    we bought potato chips
    and hot chocolate,
    plugged in the headphones
    to hear John Coltrane;
    the summer rain followed us.

    Northeast winds tried to
    trap it behind the hills and wring it dry,
    but it followed us over the buildings,
    trees and houses. Tiny droplets joined tiny droplets
    to form big drops, which made their way
    to us through open windows.

    [Rain Shadow originally appeared in print in Turbulence Issue 11]


    Frozen Lake

    Gold dust from larkspur ride through the
    lanes sprinkling nectar, fall in stile
    as they draw close to the fences.
    Like December, my eyes are glazed.

    Rivulets flow within the limits
    wanting to spill and wet the banks
    close and still impossibly far.
    Like December, my eyes are glazed.

    Scarred wounds stitched up, camouflage
    sack of reds, grays, blacks; obliterate
    pink that tries to find its way in.
    Like December, my eyes are glazed.



    They were concealed in a lidded drum
    on the bottom shelf
    between an aquarium, cartons of fish food
    and aquatic plants—red and blue algae.

    “It’s illegal”, whispered the owner
    lifting the lid to show me
    sea turtles weary from traveling
    as they struggle to break the nylon nets.

    Waiting to be sold,
    shelled for meat and pills
    to those who wield power—
    power that comes with stashed green notes,
    they swim in their watery prison.

    Evening, on my walk on the beach
    I fling shells back into the sea
    watch the sun
    merge with the waves
    and she scuttles back home.

    [Armorless originally appeared in print in Eclectic Eel 3]


    Mamta Madhavan has been writing poetry since the age of 13. Her poems have been published in print and online journals all over. She is a curator on staff at gotpoetry.com.

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